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Law Firm Practice Areas

Purdy and Ring practices in the following areas:

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Criminal Defense – Purdy and Ring are active criminal defense lawyers who deal with the issues surrounding an arrest, a criminal investigation, criminal charges, sentencing, appeals and post-trial issues. We represent those charged with crimes in court from a misdemeanor to a felony.  Click here for more.

Traffic Offenses – When facing serious traffic violations charges, it is important to be aware that effectively challenging the ticket or the charges should require prompt action. The law offices of Purdy and Ring will seek to obtain the best possible outcome in your case by providing aggressive trial representation or skillful negotiation.  Click here for more.

DUI/OVI – You need an attorney who will defend your legal rights while simultaneously working for the best possible resolution of the charges against you. Our extensive experience and qualifications are invaluable in providing an aggressive defense for you. Click here for more.

img_3832_editedDrug Charges – Drug crimes and their requisite charges in Ohio include a multitude of offenses, including a range of misdemeanors with minimal sentences to felonies with very severe punishments. Felony drug convictions may result in mandatory prison sentences and lead to your driver’s license being suspended, denying you the right to vote as well as not being able to pursue professional opportunities in such industries as health care, public office, or aviation. Click here for more.

Social Security and SSI – When you’re disabled and your financial future is at stake, you want an attorney who can produce results and get you the money you need to pay your bills. Purdy and Ring can get the disability benefits you’re entitled to quickly, with a lot less fear, stress and tension because you’ll have the income to help cover your expenses, and take care of yourself and your family.  Click here for more.

Nick with CraneCivil Litigation – The law offices of Purdy and Ring specialize in both the defense and prosecution of civil lawsuits. No matter if we are representing a plaintiff or a defendant, our philosophy is always the same: be aggressive and be fast. We can get you the result you are looking for. Our approach often results in the satisfactory settlement of the case long before the litigation process has run its course through trial.  Click here for more.

Family Law – We specialize in all facets of family law including Adoption, Guardianship and Divorce. Click here for more.

Juvenile Cases – The law has a different view toward minors accused of criminal offenses. In theory, the system is dedicated to rehabilitation, rather than punishment, of juvenile offenders. However, a case still has serious consequences. If your child has been accused of a juvenile offense, you have the right to enlist a juvenile defense attorney to try to avoid or minimize those consequences. Click here for more.

Probate – We assist families in need of counseling on legal issues following the death of a loved one. Purdy & Ring will explain the options available to a families to enable them to access and distribute property..  Click here for more.

Child Support – Child support is a legal duty that is required to be paid by both parents. This financial support is not for the personal use of the custodial parent. It is the child’s money and is to be used for their use only. Parents that are involved in a divorce or paternity action do not have the right to waive child support. Click here for more.

Nick with crane 2Real Estate Law – There are a multitude of details involved in buying a home and during the process it’s very common to become both excited and overwhelmed. At Purdy & Ring we will get into those details by analyzing your mortgage, work with realtors and inspectors, do a complete review your title work, and oversee your closing. Your job will be to let us do the legal work so you can enjoy your new home. Click here for more.



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